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Hollister Crew

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Bobby Kobold Email

Looks like things have progressed well since 95. Much love to all lost Family.

Laura Oka 

Dillon, one of the best friends of my son, Taz, was at a baseball game early in May and was suddenly afflicted with an intense migraine. His parents decided to take him to the ER, and on the way to the car he lost consciousness. Once at the hospital, they found that he had inter-cranial bleeding, and he was medevac-ed to Children's Hospital in Oakland. He's been in the ICU there since May 6. There have been numerous fundraisers for the family to cover costs that aren't covered by insurance, as well as a frozen dinner drive at the school. Taz and his friends have often set up lemonade stands in order to earn pocket money. One of Taz's buddies came up with the idea of running lemonade stands to raise funds for Dillon. This weekend they started out in front of our house.   When I went to the convenience store downtown to buy ice, however, I stopped to chat with a group that was setting up for an event in front of the local bar here in Sunol. They were members of a motorcycle club called the Top Hatters, and when I mentioned what Taz and his friend were doing, they immediately invited them to come and set up their lemonade stand at their event--the East Bay Top Hatters annual Anniversary Run. Taz's friend had another commitment, so my husband took Taz over to the event to set up a lemonade stand.  Taz sold lemonade there for a couple of hours until he was tired out and wanted lunch. I came over to help break down the stand, and, chatting with some Top Hatters, mentioned why my son had been selling lemonade. And then we were not allowed to leave. Taz was taken around the group of Top Hatters and bills were pulled out of pockets to go to Dillon. We got into the car to leave finally, but another Top Hatter came up with a fistful of money to donate through the open car window and told us not to leave, that he would go around to everyone there and he'd get more donations for us to give to Dillon's family. And he did. That man filled a bag full of money for Taz to give to Dillon's family. (Thank you, B.J.!) We didn't have any fliers about Dillon, you guys had no idea who we were. There was just a kid who told the story of his friend in the ICU. And you gave and gave. I am speechless at your generosity and graciousness to a complete stranger. We have over $400 for Taz to give to Dillon's family, mostly all donated by members and guests of the Top Hatters Motorcycle Club. The East Bay chapter of the Top Hatters was sponsoring the event downtown and bikers came in from all over the bay area and as far south as Hollister and from out in the Central Valley. A huge thank you to all of you for your kindness and generosity.

This is a link over to an article about Dillon from Plesanton's local paper:

We talked with Dillon's dad this evening when we brought him your donations.  Dillon has been making eye contact and responding to simple commands.  They are hoping that he can be moved from the ICU next week to begin rehab.  Thank you once again.  You are all amazing.

Rose Email

My condolences to the entire Top Hatter family.

Ferran Email

It was a pleasure meeting Shadow and Diane at the Quaid's Harley Davidsons 18th annual poker run.

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Big Jeff AZ Email

RIP brother Joe, I will always remember our great times together, the runs, laughs, or just the eye candy watching, I will always have great memories, I will miss you brother, my heart goes out to the family, love you bro. BIG JEFF AZ

Marcelo Orta THMC and Family 

Joe, you will be missed. You were a strong shoulder for the THMC, a great leader, mentor, and a good friend.  You will always be in our hearts.  We will remember you in all our runs.  Now you are joining our other loved brother and founder, Jess Bravo. Forever ride in the wind and in our hearts. A diamond is forever. RIP

Ed Chacon  Email

Our Condolences to the Bravo Familia & Top Hatters MC Brotherhood.
Joe will be missed by all who who knew him from near and far.
May he Rest In Peace.
Ed Chacon President 
American Legion Riders
Madera, Ca.

Randy Email

You will be missed and always in our hearts and minds. Thanks for all you do for us! THMC San Diego

claytonthmc sm Email

you will be missed Joe. Thank you for all you have done for all of us. Much appreciated.. see you on the other side. Much love, clayton THMC SM President


My condolences to the family of Joe Bravo ,Joe was my friend and brother,I will miss you my brother !



Rest In Peace Joe. You will be sadly missed.




Ricky THMC CV 

Ride in peace Joe Bravo. MLH&R. It was a pleasure getting to know you

seth salinas Email

Rest easy joe!


Condolences from the McCafferty family. You will be miss Joe Bravo.

Taz Prez THMC Hollister 

Yesterday we lost one of our Founding Fathers and Honorable Member. All of us carry a very heavy heart today and now, for some time to come. Joe Bravo was one of the most influential men in our club since I have been a member. His Faith, Courage and Knowledge is instilled in us all. He was an exdrodinary individual that showed much Love and Compassion for our club. He lived a Great life, a life that some of us wish we could live half of and still be happy, myself included. Joe, you will be missed more than words can speak. Your constant strength to live everyday to almost the age of
91 years will inspire us all to live everyday for what it's worth, look back at what we have been through, learn from it, embrace it and keep moving forward and not look back. We all Love you and have a glass of wine with Jess and tell him we all said Hello!!!!

Godspeed Joe, there will never be member in this club as great as You!!! You'll be missed dearly.


I am so sorry I will be out of town and unable to attend the Bike Blessing! It is always such a wonderful event! Thanks for your continuing support. Hope you have a HUGE turnout, as usual! Knees in the breeze and rubber side down!


I'm looking for a MC that existed in the late 40's that had a chapter in Glendale.

My Dad rode bikes while in CA attending school at CA Areo Tech in 1948.  I have a copy of a patch that shows a similar skeleton head wearing a top hat.  The oval patch has a rocker on top that says "Glendale" and another one on the bottom that says "Toppers MC". 

Is his MC this one? 

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