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Corbett S. Shale jr. Email

My name is Corbett Shale jr, I got cut off before I could finish my story
.anyways the outlaws moved the next day . I,llalways remember the boys sticking up for a members mother. Anyhow my yard always was full of harleys getting ready for poker runs
or club runs.Stepdad took us to hill climbing
in centralia area every biker movie ever made at the drive in.aaaahhh good memories.
Oh ,by the way Stepdads name was Perry Radford Turner, and this was probably in the late or mid fifties or earlie sixties, dont know his riding name.Can,t remember
what chapter he was with if anyone recalls the name please contact me. He loved mom so much and between work and her he just couldn't find the riding time.I had his prized riding cap like brando,and it had all these wonderful pins he got at the runs.I wore the hat around when he stopped riding,wish I had those pins now.
Those were the days, I was the kid on the block that no one wanted there kid to play with.didnt realize that till a couple of years ago.

Chris ONeall Email

Just moved out to Marina,CA a month ago. I've seen you guys around. Would like information on some events so I can come check you guys out. See if your club is for me and if your club would take me. MLH&R

Venus Baker Email

Hi, my Uncle used to be a top hatter when we lived in Livermore, ca. years ago.
His name was Jimmie Mustain he went by Lucky 13.
I am just trying to find out if any of y'all new him. Just wanted to say hi to them. He always was in the parades wearing the big ole top hat, sport coat around his waist and a face painted on his big belly. Anyways, he's been gone since '83 and really would love to talk to some of his old buddies if they're still out there.

Kimberly Homam Email

Hi, My husband David Homan and I are looking for Ray. We don't remember his last name but he has a couple of are pit puppies and he gave my husband a top hatter hoodie and we miss him haven't heard from him in 5 years. Just wondering if anyone knows him and give him our info. He was living in Sacramento last we seen him and his wife had cancer. We live in Arkansas now. I was hoping to be able to post a pic of my husband holding the hoodie. Thank you so much.


Looking for answers as to what happened to courtney Dubois from fairmont WV 26554. Murdered and dismembered and thrown away in a dumpster in Georgia

Linda Nancy Comstock Email

This Is Linda N.Comstock In Joseph Oregon. SENDING MUCH LOVE !!!! XOXOXO XOXOXO!!!

Czar Dennis Holstein of Russia Email

Hello.. I would like to invite you to visit Vale Conga. I would also like you to visit my site the Schwab Nation. Vale Conga is a great site to communicate with members and share pictures, videos and content.

Debby C Email

Any Northern Idaho chapters?

Richard Email

any east coast chapters?

steve smith 

Are you involved with Toys for Tots program? Thank you

Denise Alvarado Email

Came across this Run July 7/2018
Riding from Carson City NV

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Jim Roark 

I have a large yellow button that says Top Hatters MC R A with emblem that belonged to my uncle "Red" Bill Roark in the 40"s  I was born in 1947 so a little unsure when he got it. Any interest?

StreetHawk Email

Wishing all a Merry XMas and Great 2018 ahead!
Respect and Regards
MRMC Singapore

Daren Cavalliere 

Looking forward to this years Rally and the poker run.
See you all soon.

Connie Tehada Email

Miss going to rally, give my Uncle Joey my love.
Love you guys,


[rolleyes]  [smile]  Holiday season is a here so check your blinkers & brake lights, tell ur O'lady to put that mirror back on the motorcycle, and when ur out there on the road mind what fluids you put in ur bike and in ur body and when ur riding down ur favorite Avenue or Blvd and ya find urself suddenly slowing down and see them orange cones on both sides of your lane remember that this time of year this might not be an accident or road construction and if your doing things right you wont find yourself coming to from that sweet hypnotizing trance you love so much that can only be brought about by the lovely purring feel of those busty twins idling under your fuel tank and sitting there comfortably at a complete stop with both feet planted firmly and steadily on the ground still smiling and asking yourself why is this cal trans guy standing here talking to me without his hard hat and orange vest on or if ur really screwing up reminding him that he shouldn't be standing there without his orange vest and hard hat on and the next thing you find your self wondering about is if you stumbled into a time machine because it suddenly doesn't feel like its the holiday season anymore and your waking up to the recolection that the only time the sound of so many voices are so unpleasant and ring through your head with this kind of chilling irritating echo and the the jingaling ling your hearing isn't from the sound of the bells atached to Santa sliegh skidding to a halt making sure not to skip over the most important chimmany of all, no that jingaling is the sound of keys opening and closing doors made of steel and if your still having doubts about the severety of the mistake your gut is trying to tell youu about then just ngo ahead, slowly raise your head from that cold floor but do it slowly because you dont want to peel your chheeck from the cement too fast it tent to be stuck pretty good when someone elses urine has had all night to bond your skin to the floor and now open one eye and take a quiet squinting peek down that wide unfamiliar hallway and if your liver has processed enough alcohol by this time you might figure out the man your looking at is wearing green not red and his name isnt santa but its engraved in that shiny piece of brass attached to his shirt when the room that your standing in has no furniture, carpet or sheetrock but instead has 3 walls that are very sturdy and made of cement, one wall that fetures 1" round steel poles on 6 or 8 in centers instead the standard 2x4 studs on 16" centers and (for me anyway) the most sobering feture of all is the nice and shiny stainless steel camode that makes a sound loud enough to put any hoover or shop vac to shame and is artistically and strategically  placed out in the open in the middle of the room for all it's shiny metal and occupant to be admired by the other 50 people in this nicely scented 12x12 room. but I wouldnt know because Ive never had the experience I just imagined what it would be like. No really..

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Great group of guy met at Hollister independents day rally if you all have any rides I can go on let me know thanks


Passing through, all my best. Miss you guys
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